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Map of Hotels in Nottingham Centre

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Nottingham Centre Hotels

Crowne Plaza Nottingham

£55 Book Now

Wollaton Street, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.11 km / 0.07 mi from Nottingham Centre

Ng1 City Living

£99 Book Now

Hanley House Hanley Street, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 9.3 / 10

Map | Directions

0.17 km / 0.11 mi from Nottingham Centre

Roomzzz Nottingham City

£48 Book Now

Stanley Place Off Talbot Street Nottingham, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.22 km / 0.13 mi from Nottingham Centre

Aparthotel Roomzzz Nottingham City

£68 Book Now

Stanley Place Off Talbot Street, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 7.9 / 10

Map | Directions

0.22 km / 0.14 mi from Nottingham Centre

Premier Inn Nottingham City (Chapel Bar)

£48 Book Now

7 Chapel Quarter Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.14 km / 0.09 mi from Nottingham Centre

The Strathdon Hotel

£50 Book Now

Derby Rd, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.18 km / 0.11 mi from Nottingham Centre

Hart's Hotel

£57 Book Now

Standard Hill Park Row, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.27 km / 0.17 mi from Nottingham Centre

Robin 7 Lodge City Centre

£50 Book Now

9 St James's Terrace, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.29 km / 0.18 mi from Nottingham Centre

The Britannia Nottingham Hotel

£31 Book Now

St James Street, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.31 km / 0.19 mi from Nottingham Centre

Ramada Nottingham City Centre

£50 Book Now

Wollaton Street, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.21 km / 0.13 mi from Nottingham Centre

Park Plaza Nottingham

£53 Book Now

41 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.28 km / 0.17 mi from Nottingham Centre

St James Hotel

£49 Book Now

Rutland Street, Nottingham, UK


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.32 km / 0.2 mi from Nottingham Centre

About Nottingham Centre

Nottingham is a beautiful, full of history and legends city, situated in the East Midlands of England, in the ceremonial county of Nottinghamshire. It is perfect for a weekend break or long-term vaation in England's green and pleasant land, where one can visit top attractions, see world-class sport, fantastic live performances, and enjoying excellent nightlife and cutting-edge art in some outstanding venues.

Along with Sherwood Forest, Nottingham has been forever known as the home of the legendary Robin Hood, the man who took from the wealthy and gave to the poor. The legend is kept alive through the annual event dedicated to this beloved outlaw, which takes place every October, at Nottingham Castle, one of the city's most significant and most popular historical attractions.

Apart from Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest, there's much, much more to see, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham’s most famous pub and reputedly England’s oldest inn, and Wollaton Hall and Park, one of England’s finest urban parks, being only a small part.

Nottinghamshire is home to Europe’s largest number of artists per capita, therefore, art-passionates will not get bored, as well. The city has numerous fabulous arts venues, museums, galleries, which, together with the great city centre restaurants, pubs and bars, make a wonderful list of entertaining activities for visitors to enjoy.

The magnificent Newstead Abbey, which covers an area of not less than 300 acres, with paths that meander past lakes, ponds and waterfalls, is not to be overlooked, when visiting, also. This beautiful historic house is set in a breathtaking landscape of gardens and parkland, right in the heart of Nottinghamshire. Various special events and temporary exhibitions are held here, throughout the year, plus, tours and group visits, which make truly memorable visits, are always welcome, in between.

Among the city's major museums and galleries we find The Harley Gallery, which a national reputation for excellence and innovation, close-by Green's Windmill, by the father of notable scientist and mathematician George Green in 1807, Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum, boasting a unique collection of restored cottages and workshops arranged around a garden courtyard, The Nottingham Ghost Walk (try it if you dare), The Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard, which is definitely not-to-be-missed, the Galleries of Justice Museum, and the list could go on and on.

Nottinghamshire also has a range of farm parks and theme parks suitable for young children and families. Among the ones that are worthy to be reminded there is Sundown Adventureland, situated near to Retford, featuring the Rodeo Corral indoor play area, Shot Gun City, Fort Apache, and much, much more, Wheelgate Adventure Park, with a variety of interactive animal antics that the whole family can join in, Twinlakes Theme Park, boasting a massive 125,000 sq ft indoor play area plus rides and attractions galore, and Sherwood Forest Fun Park, with rides that include the Caterpillar Coaster, Terror Castle and Jumping Jack, plus more.

Whether an indoor or an outdoor person, whether into history or art, shopping or clubbing, there's something fun to do in Nottingham for everybody. 

Nottingham is a city with a rich cultural history, it is home of the Robin Hood legend, and it's a place where tourists and visitors can see interesting places, visit great museums, art galleries and take a walk across the city's beautiful parks. Tourist attractions are spread all over the city centre of Nottingham. Below you will find a list of main attractions in the city you shouldn't miss. Check them out!

Nottingham Castle

It is a magnificent mansion from the 17th century. It's built on the site of the original medieval castle, and provides breathtaking views of the city. The castle is located at a distance of 10 minutes from the city centre of Nottingham, and it can be reached easily from the bus and train stations. It was originally built of a wooden structure, and it stands above the River Trent, at 130 feet. It attracts tourists from all over the world, mesmerizing them with the surroundings.

Museum of Nottingham Life

This great museum is located in Brewhouse Yard, at the base of Castle Rock. Visitors can taste here the history of the city, from the last 300 years. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 4 30 pm. It is one of the best museums in Nottingham.

The Galleries of Justice

It is a museum in the Lace Market, in Shire Hall building. The courtroom is from the 1300's, and visitors can still see the prisons from that period, here. The museum was once a fully functioning courtroom, but it was closed in 1986. It was also headquarter for a local police station. Now it's just a place where visitors can taste the history of Nottingham.

Nottingham Contemporary

It is an art centre in Lace Market, and it was opened on 14 November 2009. The centre celebrates the city's history of lace manufacturing and it is one of the largest contemporary art museums in UK. Nottingham Contemporary includes four galleries, an auditorium, a study centre, shops and an educational space.

Sherwood Forest

It was made famous because of the importance it had in the Robin Hood legend. It is today a 165 square miles green space in Nottinghamshire. It attracts 500 000 visitors each year. The park hosts, every summer, for a week, the Robin Hood festival. The event recreates a medieval atmosphere and includes musicians, jesters, alchemists and fire eaters.

Caves of Nottingham

The numerous sandstone caverns and underground tunnels in Nottingham are believed to be from medieval times. At Broadmarsh Shopping Centre tourists can see the Caves of Nottingham, one of the most accessible cave entrances in Nottingham.

Wollaton Hall

It is located 3 miles west of the city centre of Nottingham. It is home of extravagant Tudor-style architecture, from the late 16th century. The hall features gardens with formal planting and includes the Natural History Museum, art galleries and a steam engine house. The Industrial Museum provides a large collection of local historic artifacts, including old bicycles.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

It is famous for being one of England's most unusual public houses. It is located at just a short walk from Nottingham Castle and it is believed to be dating back from the 12th century. The area includes outdoor seating, and a bar where tourists can purchase souvenirs.

Newstead Abbey Historic House & Gardens

It is an amazing historical house set with a surrounding of beautiful gardens and green space in the heart of Nottinghamshire. It was home of the romantic poet, Lord Byron. Visitors can enjoy all year round the spectacular site, covering over 300 acres. From April to September, tourists can explore the historic house with charming Victorian room settings and even Byron's private apartments.

Green's Windmill

It was built in 1807, by George Green, a mathematical genius whose discoveries helped scientists to understand the world surrounding us. It was restored by Nottingham City Council in 1980, because of the damage suffered by the building in a fire in 1947. It is the perfect place for children to develop an interest for experiments and science.

National Ice Centre

It is situated in the Lace Market area, at a short distance from the city centre of Nottingham. It is a great place for sport lovers, and it provides daily public ice skating and it is a training facility for elite athletes. National Ice Centre is home of the GMB Nottingham Panthers.

Highfields Park

It is also known as the University Park, due to its location near Nottingham University. The park lies on 121 acres and it has magnificent trees, exotic plantings and water features. Tourists can choose from a lot of activities like bowling, croquet, boat hire and there is also a play area for children.

Nottingham University

Nottingham is home of one of the world's most prestigious universities: Nottingham University. It was recognized world-wide as a high quality education facility, in 2008. The university is structured around three main buildings: the Senate, the Council and the University Court. Nottingham University dates from 1881, when Nottingham's first civic college was built. It is the choice of many students all over the globe, seeking quality education.

Nottingham is a city where tourists can easily find their way around the city centre. You can choose to take a bus, a taxi, you can take the train or take a relaxing walk across the beautiful parks. Nottingham has a great bus service, with links to most parts of the city. Keeping in mind that the people in Nottingham are very sociable and love conversations, do not hesitate to ask for directions while you're sightseeing in the city. You should avoid the rush hour by walking or riding your bike, between 7 am and 4 pm.


By Foot

This is the best way to get around the city centre of Nottingham. This way you will not miss any of the great attractions or the shops hidden in the streets, not to mention that it's a way to save your money. Don't hesitate to ask for directions if you get stuck, and run out of ideas. The people in Nottingham are very sociable and will certainly help you. There are museums, art galleries and shopping centres just waiting for tourists and visitors, providing interesting displays and original collections.

By Bicycle

The best way to see Nottingham and get some exercise in the same time is to jump on you bicycle and start seeing the beautiful and amazing sites that the city has to offer. There are also lovely parks with historical importance in the culture of Nottingham. In Clumber Park, there are 14 miles of forest tracks dedicated to people that like to ride their bicycle across green fields and who like to breathe fresh air while they're exercising.

By Car

The city centre of Nottingham is filled with family attractions. If you decide to see Nottingham by car, you should keep in mind that driving in bus lanes is illegal. It can get stressful driving during rush hour, so the best decision is to avoid taking the car before 5 pm. If you don't have a car, there are many places from where you can rent a car across the city, with prices for everyone's pocket. The city's police is vigilant, so be sure to follow the traffic rules while you're behind the steering wheel. The average price rate for Nottingham car hire is 108£.

By Train

The UK's railway network is the oldest one in the world, existing since 1830. Taking the train is the least stressful way to travel inside or near Nottingham. There are railway companies that provide services in many regions of the city, and private railway companies that work just in particular regions or along certain routes. The price of a train ticket varies, depending on how far you decide to travel, starting from £20, for routes outside the city. Most of the companies offer discounts but it's best to book in advance, because this kind of tickets are limited in number.

By tram

Taking the tram is a very popular travelling option for the inhabitants of Nottingham. The trams are always crowded here and it's not the best way to travel in Nottingham if you're in a rush. The price of a tram ticket for an adult is £2.70, £1.70 for children, and £5.50 for groups.

By Bus

There are a lot of discounts on bus tickets, like the kangaroo ticket, which will give you unlimited bus access on all operators, for just £3.40. If you're in the city for only a day, a one day bus ticket in the city centre of Nottingham will cost you around £3. Even dogs are charged with £1 for a bus journey. There are also discounts provided for students and senior citizens.